Downtown Memphis was established in 1819 and is full of a unique history that has made it a must-see destination to travelers for years, but what do you need to know if you’re thinking about living here? Let’s take a look!


Forbes has named Memphis one of the 15 US Cities’ Emerging Downtowns and ranked it as one of the most affordable cities in the US. The Wall Street Journal named it one of the top cities for livability, meaning people can easily live, work, and play here. And they do! With access to over 30 museums, including the National Civil Rights Museum and the Metal Museum, countless art galleries, and live music and theater, there is always entertainment to be found downtown. The 178 bars and restaurants can easily satisfy any craving. And when the hustle and bustle gets to be a little much, there are 245 acres of green space throughout downtown and along the river to get outside and in touch with nature.


Today, 26,000 people call Downtown Memphis home. With over 17,000 housing units (and 3,000 more in the works) there are plenty of options from condos in the middle of the action to single family homes right by the river to the resort feeling of Harbortown. The average commute of downtown residents is only 6.2 miles and there are plenty of transportation options to get around. On a scale of 1-20, downtown is ranked at a 17 in terms of walkability. There are ample bike lanes, with more being planned, scooters for rent throughout downtown, and of course, the famous trolleys.


If you are looking for a vibrant place to live with plenty of easily accessible entertainment options, good food, and a short walk to work, this is where you need to be looking!

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